Take safety and training compliance to the next level


You work tirelessly to build a culture of safety within your organization. Your extensive training, experience and ability to critically analyze situations contribute to making a secure, compliant workplace a reality. Managing training and qualification compliance is a critical element in building this culture of safety. Insight TQC allows you to advance compliance and workforce management to the next level and sets you free from hours of manual administration.

Accessible, flexible and always current

Insight TQC makes it easy to manage the many employee-related documents your organization needs to keep current and accessible, from training certifications and tests to licensing and credentials. With a flexible platform, you are enabled to record and optimize employee training, whether it is blended learning, instructor-led, computer-based or on the job. Employee training information is secure and centralized and always available for tracking, reporting and auditing.

Proactive and automated

Insight TQC automates the entire training compliance process and proactively alerts you of upcoming expirations. This ensures that every team member remains in compliance while reducing the risk and liability of having unauthorized staff on the job. You have the ability to establish training requirements that provide scenarios of which team members have the specific requirements to fit specific contracts. This enables accurate and efficient workforce readiness forecasting, lowering costs and maximizing profitability.

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