Insight Enterprise bridges the gap between HR, HSE and Operations. It brings together all aspects of hiring new employees and providing training and qualification compliance in one easy-to-use system.


 Insight Hire reduces the cost of searching for new employees, improves the quality of candidates who progress to the interview phase and increases the predictability of the entire hiring process. 


 Insight Driver eliminates the risk of exposure in having non-qualified drivers on the road by streamlining the historically complicated, labor intensive process of maintaining driver qualification files (DQFs).


 Insight TQC (Training and Qualification Compliance) allows you to advance compliance and workforce management to the next level, setting you free from hours of manual administration. 

Complete visibility into employee screening & compliance

Your business is a team.  Each individual from project-based team members to senior management, all have important individual roles in contributing to the company’s success.  Insight Enterprise is the premier solution for organizations focused on building winning teams. It gives you the power to find the best candidates for every position and smoothly usher them through the onboarding and training qualification process. Insight Enterprise bridges the gap between HR and HSE and brings together all aspects of hiring new employees while providing training and qualification compliance in one easy-to-use system.


Applicant tracking

Insight Enterprise enables you to screen, filter, qualify and validate an unlimited pool of applicants for DOT-regulated and non-regulated positions. The platform automates applicant workflow empowering you to categorize applicants by resume keywords, build consensus with hiring managers on candidates with collaboration threads and leverage automated email notifications allowing you to close the loop with all potential candidates. 


Insight Enterprise empowers you to proactively manage the compliance and training qualifications of your entire team. Compliance dashboards and proactive alerts ensure that every team member is up-to-date on training and meets both government and company-specific compliance standards. Insight Enterprise includes Training Compliance Scenario Management, which ensures the highest value resource is on the correct project, maximizing profitability and minimizing risk. 


See how Insight Enterprise bridges the gap between HR, HSE and Operations. 

Features & Benefits

Find and engage top talent

  • Easy-to-use web-based application with context sensitive prompting
  • Customize job application questions based on specific job requirements
  • Fully automate the application process (DOT regulated and non-regulated) with customized workflows that eliminate errors, save time and reduce costs
  • Quickly identify the best, most qualified candidates with powerful screening and filtering capabilities
  • Determine where your best candidates are coming from and measure advertising effectiveness with recruitment source tracking

Streamline the hiring process

  •  Monitor the entire hiring process at a glance with hiring dashboards
  • Collaboration threads build consensus and drive discussions between HR and hiring managers during the hiring and onboarding process
  • Applicant workflow automation streamlines the hiring process by removing obstacles and eliminating errors caused by paper files and spreadsheets
  • Automated Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) inspection expedite the entire process of validating driving histories
  • Easily alert a group of applicants on new positions or job closings with system generated mass email notifications
  • Effortlessly initiate and capture the status of background checks and drug & alcohol testing with integrated screening solutions

Automate the onboarding experience

  •  One click moves an applicant file to the onboarding process saving time and reducing errors
  • Auto-populated hiring packets ensure the applicant can quickly transition from on-boarding to performing their new role
  • Electronically managed forms can be customized based on your internal and external requirements
  • Integrated hiring checklist ensures all internal and external steps have been followed and completed
  • Electronic distribution and management of onboarding documents ensures all protocols have been followed, tests administered and employee information properly documented and stored

Optimize workforce performance

  • Powerful screening and filtering capabilities enable you to define specific qualifications, experience and credentials and rapidly identify the most qualified resource for the job
  • Ensure the right person is on the project with the ability to assign required training by location, job function or by individual
  • Match your workforce to site-specific requirements with training compliance scenario management and forecast training compliance

Proactively manage training and qualification compliance

  •  Ensure the highest value resource is on the correct project with training compliance scenario management. This enables you to quickly determine the optimal individual that holds the specific training and licensing that best match specific contract requirements.
  • Insight Enterprise provides comprehensive gap analysis that allows you to maximize workforce readiness and ensure compliance all while lowering costs
  • Record attendance and training completion with detailed training rosters
  • Track and record details of training classes, whether instructor-led, on-the-job or any other form of training

Ensure regulatory compliance

  •  Applicant information is secure and centralized, which means that you are always “audit-ready”
  • Affirmative Action and Self-Identification data applicant activity reports provide information to satisfy government mandates for EEO and Vet-100 compliance
  • Data is centralized, aggregated and ready to be utilized for analysis and reporting
  • Ability to export reports to Excel and PDF file formats

Secure cloud architecture

  • Safe and reliable access from leading computers, tablets or smartphones
  • No hardware or server requirements or dependence on IT resources
  • Easy to deploy, manage and benefit from periodic upgrades
  • Highly scalable regardless of company size, number of projects, number of people involved in the hiring process or their physical location
  • Bank-level data security includes redundant backup and archiving
  • Predictable annual subscription fees supports effective budgeting and eliminate surprises